one year!


Yes! Teenboys’ corner is now 1 year old!


I love it sooooo much!

a-large- number-of-pics

In one year: 4 000 pics posted (plus 3 000 in the galleries)


A lot of visitors: more than 4 500 visits / day!


Please, send comments, so I’m sure you like it or not!
There are a few regular commenters, and I thank them a lot. But there could be more: according to the number of visitors, if each of you sends one comment per year, there would be 20 or 30 more comments per day!!!!!!!!


What will come next?
Don’t worry! When I started, I had 4 000 pictures in my collection; after sending 4 000 pictures, I have now more pictures to be sent, as the web is reach in beautiful teenboy pictures. So, I’ll continue, at least for another year. Soon, I’ll start the preliminary votes to choose the “pic of the year” 2012. I have also in mind to make some pages presenting the best photographers.

Thank you again for your visits and your comments. I hope you enjoy.


I am out for a few days, but I have prepared a couple of posts for you anyway

happy new year!

merry christmas!


Hi all,

I have created this blog to share with you nice teenboys pictures I find on the internet. I’ll try to select the best quality pictures, and will publish some of them daily, if possible.

The main page of the blog is designed to load as fast as possible. If you prefer a traditional display with all the post pictures on the page, just go to the “full view” in the menu, or bookmark

I hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!

The Phoenix