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  1. Uncle Harry

    I am glad you are OK Mr Phoenix, take your time and return to us reinvigorated.

  2. xznya

    Dear Phoenix, are you doing OK? You haven’t been posting as frequently as in the past. I was wondering if you were doing well.

  3. miraclesurreal

    please allow to choose upto 5 pictures in votes

  4. Ken

    Hello! Can I request photos of boys wearing boots? 🙂

    • You can request… That doesn’t mean you will obtain!
      I publish pictures according to what I get, I don’t make research for a particular thema. So, it may happen, by chance…

  5. xznya

    Dear Phoenix, some of your links on the right are coming up “not found”. The last two, and boy-idols. I don’t know if it’s an American censorship issue, or the browser I am using, or some other explanation.

    • Hi, thanks for that comment; all the links I checked work, except Boy Idols. For BI, the title appears on top but the page is blank. It’s probably a server problem on their side.

  6. Br♂th♀r S♥rr♥ws has a comment section except you cannot comment without a log in and I cannot log in. I guess that is the point … there is no log in … I was just making sure with you, as if you know. is the same way. …. As for the latest terrorist attracts, I am as impotent as a pet rock … at least it is useful as a paper weight. Many in the Indian ( many Sikh, with a Temple ) people here are feeling anger but equally impotent. The Muslims around here, from where ever, say they feel against the terrorists. Sounds but no action and it is self protection it seems, though that is good for them. I am unable to get any action but I am merely a one with angers I am unable to mitigate. ☮ useless but I am looking …

    • Your thoughts are sometimes a little difficult for my understanding…
      Conc Phanu, it ssems that you need to log in to post a comment, but there is no place to register. Kafka is not dead…

      • Br♂th♀r S♥rr♥ws

        Sorry to be so obfuscating but forget it. I want to offer you a Merry Christmas HOPE and ? Holiday Cheer for being alive ? ♫♪ ♫♪ ☼ ? ?? or two more for you for you alone … THANKS to you for some XMAS CHEER

        • Hope you all had a merry christmas and will have good holidays; I have a little braek and ‘ll see you soon. Thanks to you all for your comments.

          • Br♂th♀r S❦rr❦ws

            YOU GET TIME OFF ? I do, please, remind you, that you do not get paid to get time off !!! Nor did you get permission !!! If you need $ help please tell me. You hereby, saith the Br♂th♀r S❦rr❦ws, no time off for now on … EVER. HMmFf ?♫♪☼♂ ???⛪? … ? [Thanks for being … just a little Happy New Queer Year FUN.]✨

  7. Br♂th♀r S♥rr♥ws

    I miss something here … the why you are with the crying face now ? … uh-oh … I miss out on any answer … love & beauty are each cry affairs, such as when I look at the stars I cannot count and cannot give measure to … and as I see in the photos you find and offer in this site often make me cry. I figure that is not the why, here, but that is my reaction as best I can as to why I cry, as I cannot figure why you might be crying, but I miss the why and have to guess. I thank you [in spite of my cynical and comic comments] and I MEAN NO ANGER AT YOU !!! … I truly love you, as I say before, and I mean it now as then but more a-now … I shut up and thank you again … !!! … ?♂?♫♪☼?✨✨✨✨

  8. William mallard

    Mmm love these pics cool any vids

  9. Jack

    Please post the background photo of the boy in blue speedos & shirt 🙂 also why does the images on full view link to the wrong pictures or dont work?

    • – as your comment is on the “contact” page, I don’t know what picture you’re talking about.
      – the “full view” works well on firefox, and on the version of i.e. I tested. Maybe there is a problem with other browser, I don’t know.

  10. steve

    Love your site… hope you have had a great holiday break.
    Look forward to more amazing photos

  11. Gary Pete

    “teens & cycles” – May 2 – #4 is a girl – 2 pc, big thighs, small hands –

  12. xznya

    Phoenix, I’ve been tripping down memory lane through your archives tonight. I was wondering why you stopped doing the picture of the month and year.

    • It’s a good question!

      I haven’t done it last year, because of lack of time; when I was ready to start it, it was too late.

      I have the intention to do it again this year, starting by end of march.

  13. Ivor Leslie

    Marvellous site, well laid out and with lots of teen stunners. Keep up the good work.

  14. McFly

    from USA suburb: my city does not work. terrutory: state of florida is not a choice. post code: my zip code is not accepted. what to do?

  15. Pieter

    Hi Phoenix.

    I love your blog. It’s fun to come here and see great photo’s and get to comment on them. I know sometimes my comments might sound weird, but its just how I see things. I’m a little different, I guess.

    But lately, your thingy ain’t let me post no comments, which makes me sad. Maybe it will let me at least send you this comment, cause I want you to know I am at least looking at your blog even when I can’t post nothing.

    • Thanks Pieter, your comments are always welcome, and the few people who comment regularely the posts make the blog more attractive. Thank you all.
      I see no reason except technical, for you to have difficulties writing comments. It seems resolved now, that makes me happy.

  16. william Smith

    Your site is so friendly-looking I fell in love with you after a few short visits after I ‘met’ yours. I lost you and all my comms due to a recent bad love affair, violence against what I owned, not me, which was worse, and more &c. I found you soon after I got re-established. I am an oldie but the what-who-why–ever you are I cannot know but I luv u yes i du . . . You’re a Baby Cake and Corn Muffin, you are, yum and myummy, lots of butter. . . THNK U, yes I DOOO thank you. . . . .

  17. hey .
    thank you for your great blog. i enjoy your blog

  18. s’est trop bien les potho

  19. I think your link to J13 is now going somewhere else – isn’t it?

    with love

  20. Carsten Rosenfeld

    Wenn ihr über einen newsletter verfügt so würde ich diesen gerne abonieren
    Carsten Rosenfeld

  21. Just a note to let you know how thoroughly I enjoy your blog!

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