Je suis Charlie


It’s not the purpose of this blog to comment the news, but when Freedom is attacked, I can’t stay silent.
I am proud to belong to a country where thousand of people spontaneously demonstrate in the street when Liberty is in danger.


and I want to pay tribute to the four artists and the other people who died for our freedom.




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  1. Ramón

    Cher Darkvador, ce n’est pas seulement votre tragédie, c’est la tragèdie de tout le monde, “western” ou pas “western”, simplement civilisè. Je suis en Espagne et même si j’étais ‘a la Cochinchine, ça nous affecte a tous. Ila n’y a pas de paroles pour exprimer le chagrin e la rage que ça evoque. C’est inacceptable. And thank you very much to the owner of this great blog because of his sensibility.

  2. Darkvador

    merci d’être solidaire de notre tragédie, c’est très gentil et responsable de votre part.
    encore merci.

  3. Tom V.

    I can confidently say, that in these heavy, heartfelt hours the people living among the brother nations throughout the Western World share your pain, and feel a deep sympathy for France.
    Long live France, the noble, the courageous!

    • Ramón

      I guess, Tom, that there are many people in the ‘non-Western’ world who also share this pain. 🙂

      • Tom V.

        I guess too Ramón, I’m just not overly confident about it. “I can confidently say, that in these heavy, heartfelt hours…”

  4. Raoul

    Ça concerne tout le monde, courage!