December 24, 2014


cute teen boy - oo1_1280

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  1. CokaColaBoi

    What a beautiful young boi! What I would give to be able to unwrap him! Mmmmhmmmm!

  2. Tom V.

    I’m a ‘bit late for Christmas, so let me wish everyone happy holidays instead, and extend my gratitude to Phoenix for his consistent effort running this unique blog.

  3. ORALO

    Santa let me down….I had you at the top of my list….

  4. Pieter


    I really like your site!

  5. robert

    Too bad he wasn’t under my tree this morning

  6. xznya

    Merry Christmas, Phoenix.

  7. Paul

    What a cutie! I’d like to open up my Christmas present. I can see he’s wearing briefs though.