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Pic of the year 2015 – category cuties – vote #11

Like last year, preliminary votes will be by category. There will be 12 votes for the category “cuties”, 6 votes for “speedos” and 6 votes for “buddies”. Then, you’ll choose the winner for each category and then, the “pic of the year”. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I have selected 12 pictures of cuties published in november 2015. Vote for your preferred.

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Pic of the year 2015 – category speedos – vote #5 winners

Vote #4 is now closed.Thank you for your participation.

number of voters: 662

4 pictures got 25% of the votes or more and are selected for the next step:

#4 obtained 322 votes
#12 obtained 222 votes
#1 obtained 220 votes
#10 obtained 193 votes





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